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Clark class of 2019 exceeds expectations on ACT, five students score perfect 36

Every year, juniors across Nevada prepare themselves to sit for a whopping three-hour-long cumulative examination, covering math, science, English, and writing: the ACT. The Nevada Department of Education requires all enrolled students to participate in ACT testing to graduate.

The ACT is also a significant part of the materials students across the Valley submit to college application offices in senior year, and many colleges now accept the ACT as a substitute for the traditional SAT score. In fact, some of the country’s most prestigious universities – including Harvard and Stanford – now accept the ACT.

While the SAT is a longer test, taking three hours and fifteen minutes in total excluding breaks and the optional essay portion, it only covers three core subject sections: reading, writing and language, and math. The ACT, on the other hand, is considered to give colleges a more comprehensive view of students’ skills, covering English, math, reading, and science.

Last year, Nevada’s composite average score was a 17.8, with a score of 16.3 in English, 18.0 in math, 18.1 in reading, and 18.2 in science. While the national average was a 21.0, Nevada did report a 100% statewide participation rate in the test among graduating seniors.

This year, Clark’s junior class – the class of 2019 – blew the doors off the exam, with a whopping fifty-four students placing in the top fifth percentile of composite scores. Here’s the breakdown of Clark’s top ACT scorers this year:

7 students scored a 30

8 students scored a 31

11 students scored a 32

5 students scored a 33

9 students scored a 34

9 students scored a 35

Last but not least, five students this year scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. Last year, 2,760 students worldwide scored a 36 – a tiny 0.136% of all participants. The future certainly looks bright for Clark’s class of 2019!