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Oakland Raiders Coming to Vegas

September 5, 2017 2:17pm | Sean Golonka

That’s right. By 2019 or 2020 or maybe even by 2021, depending on when exactly the Raiders’ planned luxury stadium is finished, the Oakland Raiders will become the Las Vegas Raiders. And with the Raiders will come a whole new wave of fans, businesses, and […]

Running Rebels Basketball on the Upswing

September 1, 2017 4:59am | Sean Golonka

Over the past few years, the UNLV basketball program has been, well, a mess. Last year, it had an overall 11-21 record, ending at 4-14 in the conference. The Runnin’ Rebels haven’t made the annual NCAA March Madness tournament since 2013. They haven’t won the […]

Hockey’s Back in the Desert: Las Vegas Golden Knights

September 1, 2017 3:59am | Patrick Keene

Many hockey fans said that hockey would never survive in the desert. The Phoenix Coyotes proved them wrong. Many hockey fans said that a West Coast hockey team would never win the Stanley Cup. The Colorado Avalanche proved them wrong. And now, those same hockey […]

Chargers Gearing Up for the Tennis Season

August 29, 2017 3:58pm | John Cao

Every afternoon, after school, there would be sound of multiple tennis balls hitting racquets and some occasional yelling from the coach at the tennis court. The tennis court filled with tennis players playing and practicing tirelessly for a variety of reasons, in addition to the […]

Clark Tennis Team Crushes First Match of Season – 8/28/17

August 29, 2017 1:39am | Shan Reddy

Your Clark Charger tennis team routed the Legacy Longhorns in their first match of the season on Monday, August 28. The boys’ team won seventeen out of their eighteen matches, with notable 6-0 performances from Maximilian Foles, Teo Tabar, Simran Shah, and Aria Khiabani. The […]