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2020 District, State, and Presidential Election Results

November 25, 2020 8:09am | Grace Hwang

This year’s election has been quite eventful. With the advent of COVID-19, more people were voting early through mail-in ballots or in person and votes were taking longer to count. Some results were not announced until almost a week after Election Day (November 3, 2020), […]

Halloween is Over. Now Which Candy Should I Actually Eat?

November 13, 2020 2:31pm | Ella Massey

Do you know your Halloween candy? The weeks after Halloween, there are certain candies in their pillowcases everyone looks forward to. And then there are the candies that are left at the bottom for years on end. This is a list of the five best […]

Ariana Grande “Positions” Review

November 12, 2020 2:57pm | Antonio Mosby

In Spring of 2019, Ariana Grande posted her brain on Instagram. The image highlighted regions of her brain which shows PTSD.   “That’s why her hair’s so big,” she joked, referencing a line from Mean Girls. “It’s full of trauma.” The way she manages to […]

King Von dies at 26

November 10, 2020 2:30pm | Antonio Mosby

Rapper King Von was one of two people shot and killed on Friday, November 6 during an early morning exchange of gunfire outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge, authorities say. Four other people were wounded by gunfire, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which […]

A Legend Returns: The McRib

November 10, 2020 12:50am | Daniel Chong

McDonald’s fan favorite, the McRib, is set to be released to 14,000 locations on December 2. The McRib is a simple but beautiful design, created by the same chef who masterminded the Chicken McNugget. The sandwich consists of a tender pork patty shaped to look […]

Where Are We in the Race for President?

November 5, 2020 7:16pm | Jaiden Reddy

This post is updated as of November 5 at 9:32 P.M. PST In the month preceding America’s 2020 Presidential election, the polls told a clear story: Joe Biden was going to win, and probably by a landslide. Nate Silver, one of America’s leading poll aggregators, […]

Clark Key Club

November 4, 2020 8:46pm | Bella Ho

After Clark County School District’s switch to virtual platforms, many extracurricular activities and sports have been postponed or canceled. Those that remain have made drastic changes to conform to the new rules of safe social distancing due to COVID-19; one of these clubs is Clark’s […]

Top Five Reasons to Get an Xbox this Holiday Season

October 21, 2020 2:30pm | Angel Rocha

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox is just around the corner. With less than one month before release, one burning question remains. Should you buy one?  In such a competitive market, it’s not such an easy question to answer. Those with an Xbox One will question if […]

Meet the Newest Golden Knight: Alex Pietrangelo

October 20, 2020 5:22pm | Angel Rocha

On October 12th, Vegas Golden Knights General Manager announced that the team had signed all-star defenseman Alex Pietrangelo to a seven-year contract with an average annual value of $8.8 million. The former Saint Louis Blues captain is considered a top-five defenseman, and his addition to […]

The Redemption Call of Duty Needed

October 20, 2020 2:30pm | Avery Fernandez

Black Ops 1 and Black ops 2 were probably the best Call of Duty games ever. It brought together a community of quick-scopers, zombie players, and gamers from all around. It allowed everyone hours of fun with amazing gameplay, a variety of skins to unlock, […]